ONIMARU - Koji HARA Custom Folding Knife

ONIMARU - Koji HARA Custom Folding Knife




The liner-lock folder by Koji Hara. It features a Japanese sword Tahahagane steel drop point style blade and hand-dimpled, hand satin stainless steel handle made to look like bamboo and inlays with black lip mother of pearl motif both sides. The spine of the handle spacer have black lip pearl in it. Comes with Kiri wooden box that keeps and displays the knife in open postion.

This blade was made by Japanese Swordsmith "Hiromune Takaba"using the same material "Tamahagane" and manufacturing Method of Japanese Sword. It is hamon in nie (沸) deki. Depending on how the Martensite looks, the Hamon (blade pattern) that looks like round particles on the surface of the metal to the naked eye, is called Nie (literally "boiling"), and separates from the Nioi (literally "scent") that looks like fine lines because the individual particles cannot be distinguished. When appreciating Japanese swords, the body of blade is especially paid attention to in most cases, and the appearance of the blade created when forging the sword is regarded as an object of art and named Hamon, Nie or Hada which is a pattern on the blade.

Blade Size 3.15" (80mm)
Overall Size 7.00" (178mm)
Blade Thickness 0.10" (2.5mm)
Weight 115g
Blade Material Tamahagane
Blade Finish Japanese Sword Polish
Handle Material 316 Stainless, Black Lip Pearl
Handle Finish Hand-Dimple, Satin
Lock Type Liner Lock
Liner Material 420 Stainless
Liner Thickness 1mm
Opener Thumb Stud