MAKI-E NOZARASHI - Koji Hara Knives

MAKI-E NOZARASHI - Koji HARA Custom Folding Knife

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Maki-e drawn on black lip pearl and mother of pearl by traditional Japanese Maki-e artisan. (Makie is usually done on the lacquerware, and is very difficult and rare to do on the MOP) Full moon, autumn grass, and the skull are on front, and Crescent and Temple on backside.
High mirror polished Cowry-Y powdered steel spear point Dagger style blade (not sharpened on the back edge) with "GOMA-BASHI". GOMA-BASHI is Tai Kok chopsticks made with cedar sapwood to be used with burn small pieces of wood on the altar to invoke divine help to pray for such good health and fertility, carved on blade of Japanese sword.
Liner lock construction with thumb opening stud with gold lip pearl inlay. 316 stainless steel handle with mirror polished grooved lines and Tsuchime hammered finish on both sides around the black lip pearl/mother of parl inlays. Black lip pearl spacers on back spine. Comes with Kiri wooden box that keeps and displays the knife in open postion. A Real masterpiece of Modern Art knife and Trditional Makie Art!

Blade Size 90mm
Overall Size 198mm
Blade Material Cowry-Y
Handle Material 316 Stainless, Black Lip Pearl and Mother of Pearl

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